Purchasing Guidance

Clarity in advance

Discuss the rate with the certified purchase consultant

Together with your certified purchase consultant, you decide the rate by agreement. As the purchase consultant is also a mortgage broker, usually you’re much cheaper off than when you engage a regular real estate agent.

Get started with your purchase consultant

The first exploratory meeting is always free of charge. At this meeting we get to know each other and discuss your home wish list. We’ll provide an insight into your spending limit, and together we’ll develop a plan to increase your chances of finding and buying your dream home. We’ll inform you of our exact rates before the meeting. You decide whether you want to use our services afterwards.

Good to know

Rights and obligations

As a property buyer, you are protected by various statutory rules. One of them is the three-day reconsideration period upon the signing of the purchase agreement. As a buyer, you have obligations as well; for example, the duty to investigate. Your certified purchase consultant knows exactly what to pay attention to during the purchase process to prevent disappointment and potential extra costs later.

The Financieel Zeker Bank Guarantee

In a property transaction, the seller almost always asks for security. The seller wants to be sure that the sale will not fall through and asks for a security deposit, usually amounting to 10% of the sale price. Haven’t you got this amount in your bank account? No problem. Your certified purchase consultant provides a solution with the Financieel Zeker Bank Guarantee.

You can make a secured offer on your dream home without financing being arranged.

Make a secured offer

With the unique Secured Offer Certificate.

Nowadays, many prospective buyers are prepared to pay more than the asking price. Making an offer without financing being arranged then seems an attractive option. This is not without risk, though, so do not do go ahead without having discussed it your certified purchase consultant.

For sale with a mortgage interest discount

Are you interested in buying a home without incurring mortgage costs for the time being? An ideal solution for both buyer and seller! Through a mortgage interest discount, you will pay no net mortgage interest costs on your newly acquired property for a given period of time. This will save you a lot of money.

Your purchase and mortgage consultant rolled into one

With a certified purchase consultant doors will open for you

You don’t buy a house just like that. For most people it is the biggest outlay of their lives. Of course, the financial matters must be arranged properly, but finding your dream home is just as much of a challenge. It is an exciting period in which you can really use professional guidance. That’s why our certified purchase consultants are at your beck and call.

Together with you purchase consultant you increase your chances in the residential property market. He knows the local market and can open doors for you. He knows your spending limit and will negotiate with the seller with your resources firmly in mind. And he will advise you all along the way, from discussing your house wish list to the key transfer, so you are not on your own and take the next step on the property ladder with a head start!

A certified purchase consultant: this is why

The certified purchase consultant is a mortgage consultant who is also specialized in guiding you through the purchase process of a home or an appartement. This way, you have one point of contact for everything regarding the purchase of your home.

This is what your certified purchase consultant can offer:

Combined expertise

Insight into your spending limit and assistance in finding a home within your budget

A head start on other home buyers

Because you have already figured out your financing possibilities, you stay one step ahead of other home buyers

Efficient lines of communication

Direct contact with your purchase consultant who knows your circumstances

Cost savings

Professional help in negotiating with the seller to stipulate the best purchase price

Did you know everyone can call themselves a real estate agent? Without having completed a training course? The title ‘certified purchase consultant’ is protected, however, and may only be used by specially trained consultants who pursue continuing education courses.

  • Save on purchase price and costs
  • Professional guidance from house wish list to key transfer
  • Benefit from his knowledge of the local housing market

Clarity in advance

This is what a certified purchase consultant does

The certified purchase consultant guides you through the process of finding and buying your new home. You benefit from his knowledge of the local housing market, his insight into your financing possibilities and his excellent network, so you are quickly notified of properties coming onto the market.

With the certified purchase consultant you have a professional on your side. He accompanies you to viewings. Have you found your dream home? Then he will make an offer on your behalf and negotiate with the seller. Together you stand stronger!

  • Identifying your home wish list
  • Mapping out your financing options
  • Attending viewings
  • Conducting a property analysis and preliminary investigations
  • Land Register search and structural survey
  • Valuation
  • Making an offer and negotiating
  • Checking the documents and deadlines
  • Reviewing the purchase agreement
  • Final inspection and key transfer
  • Contact with the civil-law notary

Be aware

A selling agent represents the interests of the seller. He knows the seller’s rights and obligations, and is a very experienced price negotiator. Whereas you as the buyer are often on your own. By engaging a certified purchase consultant, you have a professional on your side. He stands up for your interests, and assist you in acquiring a property on the most advantageous conditions.

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